It is my great hour to coopetate with king solar since 3 years ago,you provide us best after-sale service and give best price to help us to develop my country’s solar market,thank you again.

William Woe - CEO

I'd been looking at solar panels for at least a couple of years but never saw anything that I considered reasonable for the price. Then I saw this one. At first, I hesitated because I couldn’t believe that a 5KW solar water pump system that was about 10% cheaper than any other I'd seen could be all that good. But, based on the reviews here, I crossed my fingers and took the plunge. I'm really glad I did.

Stephen M. Damelio - Supermarket Owner

I use this in my beer brewing process. It is a more economical way to transfer hot liquids than the traditional March pumps used in home brewing. Like any pump, you have to be careful not to introduce air on the suction side or it cavitates and shuts off. The magnetic drive on the pump allows me to reduce the flow without cavitation and all the materials are food grade plastic. I own 2 of these pumps and have been using them for several weeks now. Time will tell how durable they are.

Kevin - Purchasing Manager