Solar water pumps single and three phase 3 to 10 HP KSGP series 4”

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120 m3/ day(6 hours in sunny days) ,8m3/29M to 12m3/117M per hour Deep well Solar Submersible Pump


47 KSGP-47 3 2.2 6.2 14 12m³/30M 16m³/25M 20m³/19M 50MM 100MM 252
48 KSGP-48 4 3 8.3 12m³/44M 16m³36M 20m³/28M 333
49 KSGP-49 5.5 4 10.3 12m³/60M 16m³50M 20m³/36M 396
50 KSGP-50 7.5 5.5 14 12m³/78M 16m³63M 20m³/46M 495
51 KSGP-51 10 7.5 18.5 12m³/93M 16m³75M 20m³/56M 594
52 KSGP-52 10 7.5 18.5 12m³/110M 16m³91M 20m³/72M 630

Auto-operation, labor free

Use solar energy, need no connection to grid. Automatically operation, maintenance free.
Easy to install and move, high universality. Clean and green, high economic benefits.
International advanced components, safe and reliable

System Structure

The solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping controllers and pumps.

Principle of Operation

The PV modules supply electricity to inverter.

The controller converts DC into AC to drive pump according to the intensity of sunshine.

Solar Off-grid Water Pumping System is mainly designed for solving daily water use,cattle breeding, aquaculture and agricultural irrigation in areas that power grids have difficulty in covering. Primarily, the system is composed of PV modules, submersible pumps, controler inverters and water storage cases or pipe network. It is featured by non-pollution, maintenance-free, no noise and long service life. According to clients’ actual demands, such as daily water consumption and lift etc., the solar water pump system is the most appropriate for users can be designed.

King-solar Solar Water Pump is the pumping facility driven by solar energy, which consists of a solar panels ,a pumping inverter and a water pump. Solar water pumps kit is called solar pumping system combining with solar arrays designed according to different head and daily water flow for application. System is widely utilized for agriculture irrigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,city landscaping,daily water supply, etc.
King-solar Solar Pump driven by infinite solar energy, works from sunrise, and stops at sunset, need no connection to grid power nor diesel oil and battery. System can irrigate directly or store water instead of electric reservoir. King-solar Solar fountain Pumps works with sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation and infiltrating irrigation facilities, can be more efficient for water saving and dramatically lower the cost of using fossil energy.

King-solar solar pump kit also named solar water pumps, solar pond pump, solar borehole pump, solar funtain pumps, solar powered water pump, solar irrigation pump, solar deep well pump, and solar submersible pump.