Corporate Culture


Improve the global environment ,improve the quality of people’s life



Take customers’ needs as the core, continuous technological innovation,provide customers with the optimal solution and service of clean energy,Maximize customer’s investment value.



Where the sun shines, there is King solar!


Leadership Standard

1.Be energetic; have strong sense of urgency and definite sense of direction; be apt at inspiring and encouraging colleagues at all levels;

2.Be good at renovation—be decisive and initiative; be apt at dealing with rapid renovation;

3.Persistently seeking for higher goals; making progress and innovation positively;

4.Be agile in mind; considering issues from different angles and from worldwide perspective; absorbing different ideas and opinions; be apt at promoting overall coordination by using constructive conflicts and taking definite actions;

5.Persistently seeking for success; fulfilling every task in a more concise, swift and perfect way to grasp preemptive opportunities;

6.When respecting personal dignity and unique personality, positively seeking for the growth of personal career and working out more challenging standard for working performance;

7.Intensifying communication; getting into the habit of sharing information sincerely with colleagues and customers, giving audience to them, and talking to them face to face, so as to facilitate the acquisition of first-hand business information;

8.Making full use of the advantages in diversified human resources through continuously absorbing, developing and taking in various outstanding talents in different fields to form a team with the leadership mode of our company;

9.Implementing, following and surpassing the highest standard for professional ethics.

Bussiness Scope

1.On and off grid inverters

2.Commercial Inverters

3.Solar Charge Controller

4.Solar Water Pumping System Off Grid

5.Commercial and Home Solar Power Plant

6.Soalr Fountain

7.Solar Lighting