Company Profile

“Create energy and environment harmonious development” as the goal of Zhuolun, we actively seek the winning of product quality, and efforts to build the petence of the corporation. Our company has passed the series certification of standard international recognition, which belongs to the national high-tech enterprise. We have a professional photovoltaic engineering technology research center, it had finished dozens of national technological achievements and independent research patents, providing a strong quality assurance and technical support for the photovoltaic products and projects.
   The main products are PV power station, PV water pump, PV sightseeing car and LED solar lighting, marketing organization and service network covering all areas of China.
   “Simplified photovoltaic, create energy, perfect life”. Since Zhuolun Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established, we always adhere to the performance management excellence. We use the advanced technology, equipment, the precise scientific research and development system, scientific customer service and value-added service, devote ourselves to provide perfect assessment services for global PV industry and renewable energy system solutions. We develop the sustainable utilization of clean energy, let the solar energy into thousands of households, and return to clear water and blue sky life.