Although I can’t be 100% certain that they are all the exact same item, their descriptions advertise the same features such as the use of: .44W solar panel, .8W 80 lumens LEDs, lifespan of 5yrs(solar panels) and 50,000hrs(LEDs), are rated IP64 waterproof, and the use of off mode (during the day)/ dim mode (at night)/ and bright mode (10 sec. motion activated at night).
If they are the same products as the ones that I found being manufactured and sold through Alibaba, the only information that these Amazon sellers left out is that these lights are rated at 50hrs(dim) and 2.5hrs(bright) when fully charged. From the descriptions and pictures provided, the only difference that I could find among all these products were the branding, packaging, and that the Swiftly Done had a peel n stick mounting option. It was because of the peel n stick option that I decided to purchase Swiftly Done. Otherwise, I would have chosen the cheapest one at the time. I uploaded pics of the Swiftly Done in it’s review section so if you did purchase a different light, you can compare them to see if they are indeed the exact same item but just differently branded.

As I said before, these lights are rated IP64 which means (6) it’s fully protected against dust and (4) protected, with limited ingress, from water spray or splashes. If the second numerical digit in the rating was a 5 or 6, it would mean that it’s protected against low or high pressure of water. I’m not an expert at this rating but with a protection against water spray or splashes only, I don’t exactly have a high level of confidence the product would be protected against a heavy downpour. I did test it out with the spray from my kitchen sink for 30 seconds and did not find any signs of moisture inside. I’ll try to update my review if it passes a heavy rain test.

I also uploaded pics of the light at night and compared it with the brightness of a 900 lumens LED light bulb. With a rating of only 80 lumens, the light does it’s job in illuminating the area that it was placed at. The only things that I would want to change about the light are to increase the time the motion activated light stays on and to eliminate the dim mode since I find it useless.